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Our benchmarked surveys help charities of all sizes to improve their staff satisfaction and retention.

Charity Pulse

Our most popular survey is Charity Pulse, a staff satisfaction survey developed by Birdsong that has been taken by tens of thousands of staff and volunteers across the charitable sector. Charity Pulse is carefully crafted to probe the issues that matter most to charity staff and, by guaranteeing staff anonymity, it generates real and honest survey answers. It is a highly cost effective service, no matter the size and structure of your charity, as it includes benchmarking against hundreds of other organisations within the sector and also enables charities to measure and track shifts in staff satisfaction year-on-year.

You can register for the specially-discounted Charity Pulse 2024 collective-participation period via the link at the bottom of this page. If you are new to the survey, please read the following information first.



When does Charity Pulse take place?

In February of each year we run a collective participation period for Charity Pulse, from which we update our benchmark. However, charities are able to run a Charity Pulse staff and/or volunteer survey at any time of year on a standalone basis.

What does a Charity Pulse report look like?

Take a look at some examples of Birdsong's Charity Pulse reporting by clicking here.

How is the Charity Pulse survey undertaken?

The survey questionnaire will be completed via a web-based survey link unique to your charity, which you pass on to your staff when the survey goes live. Their anonymity will be fully protected. You can see an online test version of the Charity Pulse survey by clicking here.   

More information about Charity Pulse

The above gives you a taster but our Guidance Notes provide comprehensive details about the Charity Pulse survey and how it works. In this document, you can find everything you need to know about timings, reporting options and costs. We also include full lists of the survey questions we ask as well as useful tips for getting the most from your survey. Download our Guidance Notes here. 

Register for Charity Pulse 2024

Registering for Charity Pulse is a straightforward online process. Please click here to sign up. 

The deadline to register for the discounted collective-participation period is January 19th 2024. If you would like to take the Charity Pulse survey at any other time of year, please email us.

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