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Our benchmarked surveys help charities of all sizes to improve their staff satisfaction and retention.

Choose from our Birdsong surveys

At Birdsong we believe that staff surveys are a powerful way for an organisation to keep in touch with what their people are thinking and feeling. We offer charities a range of staff survey services, tailored to meet different needs and budgets. Whether you want to uncover the cause of low morale or to increase staff engagement, our benchmarked surveys can help.


Our most popular survey is Charity Pulse, a voluntary sector staff satisfaction survey developed by Birdsong. The survey probes the issues that matter most to charity staff through a set of carefully crafted questions. Charity Pulse reports allow benchmarking against hundreds of other organisations within the charitable sector.

You can find out more about Charity Pulse by clicking here.


Each year, Birdsong runs the Hospice Survey, our annual satisfaction survey for hospice staff and/or volunteers that takes place in conjunction with Hospice UK. Each hospice receives a benchmarked report that shows their results compared to other hospices taking part in the survey. Hospices can also sign-up for additional reports and analyses.

You can find out more about the Hospice Survey by clicking here.


If there are particular areas or specific questions you want to explore with your people, Birdsong will work with you to develop a Bespoke Survey. With bespoke surveys we design a questionnaire tailored to the particular needs of your charity. These questionnaires usually include some of the Charity Pulse questions, to maximise the opportunity for benchmarking. Find out more by clicking here.


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